4 Simple Tips To Better Understand Your Electrics

Old Sockets & Electrical Test Certificates

4 Simple Tips To Better Understand Your Electrics

09 April 2018


Looking To Purchase A Property Or Enter Into A Lease? Follow These Tips To Understand More About Your Electrics

A fuse box

Old trip switches or fuses. Just lift the lid of the box and take a look at the type of switches in there. The older they are the more faded the plastic. This is simple. If it looks old, it probably is. Modern consumer units should have RCDs and be built of metal. They have sensitive trip switches that are many times safer than there older counterparts.  

Lots of plugs in a socket

Not enough sockets. This is common in older properties since the demands on a properties electrics 30 years ago is nowhere near where it is today. Not enough sockets can pose a real fire risk due to overloads. If you see lots of extenders in use or just 1 or 2 outlets in a frequently used room then chances are the circuits not of a modern design.

A double plug socket

Sockets in skirting boards. A sure sign that the properties electrics are not installed to a modern standard.

An 'Important' information card

Look for a tested sticker on the fuse box. This will tell you the last time the properties electrics were thoroughly tested for safety by a qualified electrician. Electricians call this an EICR. All new electrics installed in England and Wales since January 2005 must carry a certificate (EIC) that confirms it complies with part P and the work was done by a registered electrician. If you are considering a property that has electrics that have been worked on since then ask to see the certificates. Rented properties should be periodically tested at least once every 5 years and privately owned domestic properties at least once every 10 years. This is a comprehensive check of the properties electrics and a must do for anyone about to invest serious money into a property. If you'd like to get the electrics in your property tested by a qualified NICEIC Approved electrician contact Quantum Electrical today on:

0208 819 3188

Or email us at [email protected] Costs vary significantly depending on the size of the property. A small studio flat might take 1 hour to test whilst a large town house on multiple floors would be much more involved. For free advice on electrical testing or if you have any questions please call us anytime. We love to help. Quantum Electrical Services; Results You Can Trust, Peace of Mind That Lasts! 

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