Good Excuses To Bunk Off Work

Bag Yourself A Sick Day

Good Excuses To Bunk Off Work

07 January 2016

Don't fancy a day in the office? Quite fancy a day in the pub? Below are some very well thought out and useful excuses I have created for missing work. Enjoy and make use of them in your professional career as and when required! I donated an organ this morning The dog did a number two on my Oyster card and he refuses to clean it off I have bird flu. My trousers split on the way to work this morning and I'm commando I'm menopausal This is no normal hangover, I am actually dying I fell asleep at a party last night and my friends in their infinite wisdom decided to write something NSFW on my forehead in permanent marker I locked myself out of the house in my pyjamas, luckily I had my mobile on me so I could text you I just bought a new double quilted sleep easy mattress I am in - I'm on site, I'll hopefully be in the office later today, but I have that thing this afternoon so may not be Sorry I thought it was bank holiday You can't handle the truth I helped give birth to a baby on the train to work this morning and im covered in placenta - it's a boy My iron is broken and so is my marriage, I can't come into work crying, wearing a creased shirt

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