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Choosing Your Tradesmen Wisely

Electricians In London

16 July 2018

Electricians In London

Looking for a fully qualified electrician in London? Here are a few simple tips to make sure you hire the right firm.

  1. Check their reviews online. Its easier today than its ever been to get background information thanks to the likes of Google. The old saying is that "self praise is no praise". Don't take their word for it. By checking online about your prospective electricians then you can see at a glance what people are saying about them. I would also recommend that you look for companies that have more than ten independent reviews. Its too easy for a small firm to ask some friends and family for some bespoke "favour reviews". A mere handful of reviews is easily manipulated. Good companies will have lots of happy clients and therefore finding 30-40 reviews on them should be straight forward. Even a couple of negative reviews within reason indicate that the review platform is genuine and the decision here should be based on the whole bulk of the feedback.
  2. Check their qualifications. Sounds obvious but there are way too many electricians practicing who don't have the relevant qualifications. And guess what? If they don't have the relevant qualifications then by default they don't have the relevant insurance policies in place to protect you. We recommend using NICEIC Approved electricians. This means the electrician is regulated by the Nation Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors. Their competence is checked and monitored every year to ensure they are following British Standards (BS7671)and Part P of the building regulations. Additionally checked is that their work is of high quality and meets stringent safety expectations. Furthermore the NICEIC insist on specific levels of insurance. Your electricians qualifications are usually displayed on their website and company livery. If unsure always ask them what qualification the company holds to practice.
  3. Check their pricing. Good companies will have transparent and upfront pricing. Check what their costs are and how they charge. Some companies will charge hourly for certain work and have fixed pricing for larger jobs such as house rewires and mains boards upgrades. Simply, the electrician company should be very clear about their pricing practices. Steer clear of companies that offer vague descriptions of whats included and whats not in their costs.
  4. Do they offer a guarantee? Any good company will offer some kind of guarantee on their work. This shows that they are confident in their workmanship and parts. Guarantees need to last longer than it takes for your electrician to get into his van and drive to the end of the road. A minimum of 12 months is standard for good companies. Some companies will offer longer guarantees on different types of work. For example, Quantum Electrical offers up to 10 years guarantee on complete house rewires. The parts we use are of high quality and fitted by highly experienced and skilled electricians. This makes long term guarantees easier to offer as both parties are confident in the quality of work being delivered.

Quantum Electrical Services offers the above in one package. If you are in need of a highly experienced, well-reviewed electrician in London who offer everything from 24/7 services to certification. One who has industry leading qualifications delivered with upfront pricing and unbeatable guarantees then call us on 0208 819 3188. Speak to an expert today and get the advice you need. 

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