How long should you wait around for an electrician?

Dealing With London Traffic

How Long Should You Wait Around For An Electrician?

11 January 2016

Have you ever felt like your dying whilst waiting around for a engineer to turn up? It can seem like an eternity! What about when an engineer just doesn't show up! Unacceptable! What can be done to make things easier and avoid the hassle and stress of abandoned appointments. At Quantum we have the answer. Good relationships through good communication.

As a wise man once said "its good to talk". Its simple and the back bone of all customer care. No-one should be left waiting around getting agitated. Its not good for you or us. To clear things up a bit heres a description of what goes on when you contact Quantum.

During our initial conversation I'll endeavour to get as much info as possible to give me an idea of what will be needed in terms of time and resources to resolve the problem. All appointments are scheduled electronically. I raise a job reference which enables me to enter this information and annotate extra things like materials required or any special needs. Your sent a text to confirm you've been booked in. If your booked in for say 14:00hrs and its looking like we will be running late you'll be given a call. I'm not going to fib and say this never happens. It does happen. Why? London traffic is a real pain. To ensure I give a good service I need to carry a huge amount of tools and equipment. This means commuting round town in a van. This brings with it its own problems. I don't drive an old banger that lets me down all the time. Our vans are brand new and fully maintained but traffic jams and parking are the enemy of the jobbing engineer. Next is the obvious requirement to complete jobs. If we are delayed by say 20 minutes on an earlier visit this can have a chain effect on the diary. Its not good but we won't just abandon clients and leave them with dangerous wiring or a filthy mess to clean up. We need to deliver results.

Before any appointment we call 30-60min ahead so if you have nipped down the shops to buy some milk you won't come home to find we've been and gone! Naturally we do everything we can to get to you on time but if its looking like your appointment will be affected by something we can do nothing about you'll be called and given a revised eta and we can discuss what to do next. This is key. Constant communication between us. Most of my business is from returning clients and most of the time things run pretty smoothly. Its not often that we run late but the purpose of this article is to explain what happens when this does happen and how we manage this. In a nut shell, your not left hanging around not knowing whats happening and certainly never stood up!

Quantum has been built on reputation and delivering results. My aim is to impress my clients and to get you talking about me in a great way. Quantum is busy and expanding. I work on the tools and have a small team of local fully qualified electricians.

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