The importance of getting your electrics checked..

Electrical Installation Condition Report

The Importance Of Getting Your Electrics Checked..

26 February 2017


When did you last give your home's electrics a health check?

Have you ever wondered how safe your homes wiring actually is? The IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) recommends that domestic properties electrics be left unchecked no longer than 10 years for private homes and 5 years if it's rented. These are maximum timescales and older installations should be reviewed more frequently to assess their fit for use status. There are numerous fires in peoples homes every year, many of which are due to faulty electrics. So much so that last tear Amendment 3 of the electrical regulations was brought into effect to help address this. We've put together a list of 5 basic signs that your homes electrics might be aged and could benefit from a professional inspection by one of our Quantum Electrical NICEIC electricians. If you notice anything like this within your home then call us now on 0208 819 3188.

  1. Plug sockets fitted into the skirting. This was an old practice carried out decades ago.
  2. Lights fitted off center in the ceiling often near windows. Again this was an old practice typical of the 60s and early 70s.
  3. Old fuse boxes that have rewire-able fuses or push button type trip switches.
  4. Broken or damaged switches or sockets.
  5. Any exposed or frayed cables.

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) usually takes a few hours and doesn't make any mess. A specialist instrument is used by a fully qualified electrician to measure the condition of the cabling thats within the walls and floors. A full inspection of the earthing arrangement and all circuits is carried out and a comprehensive written report is provided to you. Costs start at £180 plus VAT depending on your properties size. Call us on 0208 819 3188 for more advice on pricing. Don't wait until its broken. Get an EICR report carried out.

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