Landlord Electrical Certificates in London

Landlord Electrical Certificates In London

04 November 2020

"Electrical faults are the cause of 53.4% of all accidental dwelling fires." Source:

Five yearly electrical checks are now mandatory

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From June 1, 2020, it is a legal requirement for private landlords in England to have the electrical installation in their rental properties checked by a qualified and registered electrician. The way this is done is by carrying out an Electrical Installation Condition Report, also known as an EICR.  
In practice, this means that: 

  • Electrical installations must be inspected and tested before the start of a new tenancy from July 1, 2020.
  • Checks must be carried out on any existing tenancies by April 1, 2021.

The EICR should be carried out at intervals not exceeding five years or at the change of tenancy, whichever comes first with a copy of the most recent electrical safety condition report (EICR) provided to both new and retained tenants.
The electrician carrying out the electrical checks must be fully qualified and registered as such to do so. It is the landlord's responsibility to ensure that the attending electrician meets these requirements.

What's Involved?

Electrician, Electric, ElectricityEICRs are a comprehensive survey of your properties electrics with access to your consumer unit (fuse box) being an essential aspect. The electrician will also need to access some of your electrical plug points and lights. Specific tests are carried out which determine the condition of the wiring within the walls and floors.
The electrics will need to be turned off for some time during the test. So it's best to avoid booking an EICR on a day when this may present any issues to ensure the safety of both you and the electrician. Overall though, EICRs do not create any mess or noise.  
To dispel an urban myth; the electrician will not need to access every single electrical point in your property, so no need to be pulling out all of your heavy wardrobes and beds. Just a sample of electrical points is usually adequate.
The wiring will be inspected to test elements such as earthing as well as the trip switches or fuses. To do this, some specified tests will be conducted which simulate electrical faults. This data is collected in the report and compared to BS7671 (which are the wiring regulations).  

"Satisfactory" or "Unsatisfactory"

The report will return as either of the above. If dangerous items are noted, these will be specified as either C1 or C2. It is quite common for the report to find failures since the electrical safety regulations are very stringent and old, poorly installed electrics pose a risk to all people in the property.  
It should be noted too that in flats and apartments, fires resulting from bad electrics can spread to other dwellings and communal areas. This means everybody in such a building can be affected by bad electrics. It really is a severe issue that requires expert attention. 
Failed reports will describe a list of items that caused the electrics to be deemed "Unsatisfactory". Some typical examples are inadequate earthing, old fuse boxes and lights in bathrooms that are not rated to withstand moisture ingress.
Sometimes there will be faults with the electrics that require further investigation (FI). This means that a defect presenting a risk has been identified and additional time will be necessary to trace and diagnose the fault before carrying out a fix.

On the subject of remedial work

Unsatisfactory reports will require remedial work to bring the installation up to speed and be deemed safe
and compliant.Diy, Do-It-Yourself, Electrical Repairs

This is called remedial work.

The EICR is not to be used as a quoting platform, and so a separate quotation of charges will be raised regarding work needed.  
At Quantum Electrical, our team of expert electricians are very experienced and can offer advice on the best way forward if your property does not pass an EICR.
Once remedial has been carried out, the report can be re-issued as Satisfactory. If you have used Quantum Electrical to do the report and any subsequent remedial work you will not be charged for a "re-test" unlike many of our competitors.

Have the confidence you are in safe hands

Quantum Electrical Services is a fully approved member of the NICEIC and recognised under law as a registered company that is qualified to undertake electrical checks and inspections (EICRs). Furthermore, we comply with part "P" of the building regulations and are Trust Mark accredited. Each year we help hundreds of Londoners abide by the stringent legislation surrounding electrics in rented, private and commercial properties. 
You can have the confidence that your electrics are in the capable hands of a team with years of experience. Get in touch to learn more about electrical inspections, electrical safety certificates and put into service our expertise in the industry, no matter when or where.  
Get it right the first time with Quantum. Never gamble with your electrics. 

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