LED lighting in the home or the office

LED Lighting In The Home Or The Office

28 October 2020

Who isnʼt concerned about rising energy consumption in your home or office? What about the cost savings that are literally being burnt away above our heads due to old lighting systems. 

Rising energy bills and the potential to make a financial saving of over 80% are just two reasons which are bringing more and more people to the conclusion that now is the time to change over to an LED lighting system. These systems also offer environmental benefits of LEDs as well as the improved lifespan over regular bulbs.     

How hot are your lights?

Burned wires, Quantum

An interesting fact: the average LED lamp runs at a temperature of 45 degrees whilst its halogen equivalent gets to a whopping 300! It's worth noting here that the build-up of heat from LED lights is so much less. Not only is the cost and convenience of LED lighting much better, but there is a real safety benefit over from the fire risk presented by old-style halogen downlight.

As you can see in the image, our engineers have quite often found melted cables above halogen downlights. The wires here have burnt away due to the heat build-up above this halogen fitting. This was discovered and removed during a recent LED lighting upgrade in London, which helped the homeowner narrowly miss a house fire! 

LEDs last soooooooo much longer

Lifespan of bulbs, Quanum


LED Lights are the longest lasting types of lights, with their average lifespan being 50,000 hours!

This means that not only do you get more light for your buck but that the inconvenience and costs associated with accessing awkward lighting and changing lamps and bulbs also drops.  

Colour Options

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Gone are the days when LEDs were a nasty one tone light. The possibilities now for colour options and temperatures are nearly endless. Coupled with the right controls, the user can create bespoke lighting dynamics to suit the room on all occasions, from cleaning the floors to candlelit dinners.  Installing optimum controls allows you to set the scene for any event. Quantum Electrcialʼs experienced electricians can advise on lighting design to get the best out of your room or workspace. Give us a call and weʼd be happy to schedule an expert to visit your property and offer advice for creating a bespoke and tailored LED lighting solution.

Disposal of old lamps and bulbs 

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Lamps, bulbs and electrical waste must be disposed of in an environmentally sensitive way. Quantum Electrical takes this onboard for you.

It's common for cowboy and shoddy electricians to leave rubbish lying around. Quantumʼs team of electricians take the utmost respect for you and your property and ensure that no lamps, bulbs or electrical waste will be left behind after our visit. As licensed waste carriers, we take care of and dispose of these parts for you ethically and legally. 

If you need an LED lighting upgrade, then get in touch with us today! Whether it's outside security lights, garden lights, office space or ambience lighting in the bathroom, you can be sure Quantumʼs team of experts won't leave you in the dark. As experts in the design and installation of LED lights in London, you can have total confidence that your electrics are being handled safely, cost-effectively and working to their optimum capability. 

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