Lets Talk Rubbish Electricians

Correct Disposal Of Waste

Lets Talk Rubbish Electricians

12 July 2018

Rubbish Electricians

What does your electrician do with all the rubbish accumulated after the jobs finished? This subject often gets overlooked at the beginning and many unsuspecting people get lumbered with a load of waste to deal with. The truth is it costs money to dispose of commercial waste. Moreover, it needs to be disposed of appropriately and local authorities impose heavy penalties for persons found flouting the rules. Its a sad fact that many pretty country lanes and beauty spots fall victim to fly tippers. Many cheap skate builders, electricians, plumbers and more have thrown waste away like this. Terrible! Always ask your electrician what they do with the waste they accumulate during the course of a week or month. Even small jobs create waste in surprisingly large quantities. Some kinds of electrical waste must be disposed of in a proper way. Old switch gear may contain asbestos. Fluorescent light tubes must be disposed of separately to regular commercial waste. Be sure to check with your electrician that all rubbish is disposed of in a proper way that conforms to local authority expectations.. At Quantum Electrical all our electricians take rubbish away from completed jobs and dispose of it in the right ways. We don't leave you lumbered with a load of rubbish to deal with after we've gone. As part and parcel of the job we do all rubbish is taken away. Your property is clean and how it was before we arrived, except having much improved electrics! Our electricians dispose of waste at official local authority sites. Wherever possible we recycle waste. In some occasions we've even modified vintage electrical switch gear into cool key racks and other novel features. Nothing gets left to become someone else's problem. Ethical disposal of waste is included in our costs. We never leave our clients property with a problem, weather thats faulty electrics or a load of rubbish in the drive. Quantum Electrical's electricians are fully resourced to carry out the job from the very start to the very end. If you need an ethical electrician in London then get in touch any time.  

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