How Much Does A Rewire Cost?

Less Obstacles The Easier The Rewire

How Much Does A Rewire Cost?

20 June 2018

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Are you considering a house rewire and researching the cost? Then this article was written for you. Every property is different and what people want from their homes electrics varies with every person. That said there are basic items that will affect the house rewire cost.

  1. How big is your property? Sounds obvious but naturally a 4 story home will of course be much more expensive than a studio flat.
  2. Do you plan to live in the property while the work is being done? If you live in your property while the work is being done we need to take extra precautions to ensure you remain safe whilst we work. Additional time is required to manage dust and mess too. We will also need to approach the work in a more structured way that doesn't leave you with no electricity for the duration of the project. This all requires extra time and resources which will push up the house rewire cost.
  3. Will you request that cables are hidden and "chased" into walls? The alternative is surface trunking which some people find displeasing to look at. There are other options now with advanced trunking systems that are much more aesthetically pleasing. Chasing the cables in is the most standard way but will increase the rewire cost.
  4. Is your loft empty or stacked with boxes? Do you have large amounts of existing furniture in your home? More property within the home will require more time to work around. It makes installing cables, lifting floor boards and general access harder. Much more precaution to avoid damage is needed. Lofts full of property and houses full of furniture will increase the rewire cost.

These are the primary considerations that influence rewiring costs. The less obstacles in our way the easier the job is to execute. Next the rewire cost will be influenced by what type of specification you request. You may want a fully loaded high end specification with the latest switches and bespoke lighting arrangements. Automated control and a dedicated home computer network. The list is almost endless and the discerning buyer can have what they want. At the opposite end of the scale we have the budget end.

This will include basic centre lights with standard wall mounted switches. The number of plug sockets will be about 3 per room. The mid range house rewire cost will get you standard switching, around 12 spot lights throughout, the rest of the lights standard centre pendants. 3 to 4 plug sockets per room.  

So What Does A Rewire Cost?

A mid range rewire in an un occupied 3 bedroom semi detached house with all cables hidden will cost approximately £6.5k plus VAT. This cost could move up or down depending on the above.

The work usually takes around 6 to 10 days to complete. If you increased your specification and requested an extensive array of LED down lights with dimmer switches the cost goes up. You might fit out a new kitchen with an electric induction hob and powerful oven and spec up the electrics then you could expect to pay closer to £8k plus VAT. Many of our rewires cost between £6k-10K plus VAT. Some exceptions are small flats and apartments which come in at around £4-5k plus VAT.

Finally, you will need to think about painting and re-decorating of your home after the rewire. This is needed since many of the walls will have been chased and cut to house the new cables. Quantum Electrical always fills and plasters our cable chases. At the same time we take great precaution to minimise disturbing the building fabric. It will keep down the overall rewire cost. This is where hiring an experience company like Quantum Electrical will pay dividends. To get the best finish though we recommend you engage the services of a professional decorator to return the finish of the home to optimum condition. We have a list of tried and trusted decorators whose details we pass onto our clients for this purpose. If you prefer we can manage this part of the project too?

Rewiring is a costly exercise that should only be done once, perhaps twice if you stay in your home long enough. It needs to stand up to long term use. With this in mind hunting for cheap quotes can be a very false economy indeed. Quantum Electrical provides a 10 year guarantee on complete rewires. We only use quality parts and quality craftsmen. Our work is fully tested and heavily scrutinised for high standards when we finish. Considering the long term use of a rewire and how much disruption accessing buried cables can be it makes sense to use a reputable company straight off.

A cheap upfront rewire cost is quickly amplified when costly future call backs and corrections are needed. Quantum Electrical is NICEIC Approved and works to very high standards and codes of conduct. If you would like to get a better understanding of rewire cost for your specific property why not get in touch with Dan James at Quantum Electrical for a free consultation. We can carry out a free site survey and provide you with a transparent written quotation. Whenever you are ready give us a call on 0208 819 3188 or hit the button below and fill out the form. Speak soon, Dan James Quantum Electrical Services Ltd

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