To rewire - or not to rewire?

Will It Be A Messy Job

To Rewire - Or Not To Rewire?

08 February 2017

That is the question.... There are many homes with aged wiring systems. Houses with 1 plug socket per room and decrepid switches in the walls. In the recess of an old cupboard or hidden amidst the coats below the stairs there might be an ancient fuse box built with asbestos parts and sporting dubious fuses. However some people are unsure weather to tackle what they feel is a mountain of trouble to sort out their homes electrics. Preferring perhaps to run with it than to subject themselves to what they think might be a massive problem that will leave their home wrecked and their bank account even worse! I'm hoping to shed some light on this here. Lets look at a few common questions.

  • I dont think I can afford it?

With modern tools and parts the process of house rewires has become much easier than it was years ago. Its still a big job but with the right team of electricians it can be easily tackled. This is reflected in the price. Theres no "one size fits all" answer to costing a house rewire as all homes are different. Some people want basic electrics, others want the latest in switchgear and lights. If you'd like to get advise on costs then give us a ring and we'll talk you through some options. We accept all major credit cards so this might be an option for some who are looking to spread the initial costs.

  • How much mess will it make and will the house be liveable while you do the work?

Yes. Using dedicated chasing machines, industrial dust extractors and fitting dust sheets and floor protectors where required we can upgrade your wiring system with minimum disruption. All waste is bagged up and taken away at the end of the job. All holes we make are filled and finished by our own dedicated making good team. Throughout the work we provide temporary electrics where needed and always ensure essential services like boilers and fridges etc stay connected. We've worked in homes where people run a home office and still kept them online and working throughout the whole project. With our commitment to customer care Quantum can rewire homes with a minimum of disruption. That comes as standard with every project we deliver.

  • How long does it take?

This all depends on the size of the home and the type of spec you have decided to kit it out with. With an experienced team of electricians most homes can be rewired within 2 weeks, sometimes less. We provide a standard 24 month warranty on all our rewires. We can fit CAT6 data networks and security systems too while we undertake the mains power work. You can get creative with developing your homes electrics or keep it simple. For further advice on rewiring or anything related to your homes electrics feel free to give us a call and we'd be happy to run through some options with you.

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