How safe is my fuse board?

20,000 Electrical Fires Each Year

How Safe Is My Fuse Board?

12 January 2017

Do you have something like this providing your home with your electrical power? If you do your looking at a fuse board thats at least 45 years old. Fuse boards (or consumer units as they are properly called) like everything age. And they age very, very easily! Yep, tucked away under your stair case or in that quite corner of your home where the umbrellas, old shoes and other forgotten paraphanalia lurk. Hidden behind some very ample winter coats sits your homes major interface with the incoming electrical supply. And its been there for years! Years and years its been working and why should you fuss over it now you might ask? If its not broken then why fix it? Some might say. Well think about it. Do you really want to wait until your homes major connection to the cities electrical distribution network fails? Of course not.

A zoomed out image of a fuse box

A typical culprit hiding in the cupboard!  The facts make grim reading. Government statistics show that electrical faults cause more than 20,000 fires every year which is nearly half of all accidental house fires. Remember too that most homes fuse boards are located under stair cases or interior structures that offer heavy fire loading. Approximately 70 people are killed every year due to electrical incidents while 350,000 are injured through electrical accidents. Several fuses 

It's true to say that old fuse boards often accompany old wiring so simply changing the fuse board won't be a substitute for more extensive modernization if deemed necessary. However, fitting a new consumer unit will rapidly improve the safety aspect of your home's electrics. Modern units have very sensitive trip switches that will shut down the electrical circuit within 0.4 of a second in the event of a fault. Faults on the neutral line are picked up and isolated by modern boards whereas old fuse boxes would simply keep supplying electricity. Modern boards are designed and built for modern living.

The innards of a fuse box 

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