The 10 Commandments Of Quantum Electrical Services

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The 10 Commandments Of Quantum Electrical Services

21 February 2016


Ever wondered why you should choose to use one electrician over another? Take a look at the 10 Commandments of Quantum Electrical Services. It maps out the basics for our commitment to excellence.

1. We provide tangible results. If we can't fix it now, we will identify the solution and implement a method to achieve it

2. Our costs will be transparent and explained.

3. Our work will carry a no fuss 24 month guarantee.

4. Communication is key. We will always respond to you.

5. If we are working close to your furniture we will always use dust sheets and cover any items with poly sheets to minimise dust spread.

6. If we can't fix it or identify an action plan to fix it. We don't charge.

7. When we work in your property alone, security will be paramount. Doors and windows will always be locked behind us.

8 .If we can't make an appointment and all other options have been exhausted we will contact you in advance. Never will a client be left waiting and not knowing.

9. We always clean up after ourselves.

10. If we have to turn power of we will let you know in advance so computers can be backed up and loss of essential services minimised.  

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