The SMART doorbell

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The SMART Doorbell

05 December 2016

A smart doorbell

TheSMARTway to answer your door...

Are you tied of missing deliveries? How about running to the door just as the delivery driver with your amazon order drives off! Well you can fit a smart door bell for much cheaper than you think. Quantum is now an authorised dealer You can now answer your door from anywhere and have a live stream and audio from your front door straight to your device or tablet. This means even when your on holiday you can speak directly to your caller and see them just like in the video below.

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WHY A SMART DOORBELL? The advantages this brings are simple. It improves security as the caller doesn't know weather you are answering them from the armchair of your front room or a cafe in Dusseldorf! The doorbird can be connected to a maglock which allows you to unlock your door or cupboard through the touchscreen app on your phone or tablet to allow certain people in - remember you can see them. They can't see you. You can hold a conversation with the caller allowing you to relay instructions about deliveries or even just telling your caller to wait a moment while you come to the door. The system is sleek and smart. It takes a few hours to fit. You download the app and your done. Doorbird can be linked to more than one device in your home. You can even have a standalone tablet wall mounted in a convenient place to act as a communal interface. It requires no batteries and requires next to no maintenance. Theres more than a few extra gadgets that Doorbird are adding to the ecosystem such as smoke detectors, PIRs, window and door sensors.

CONCLUSION Built in Germany, the system is robust and of premium construction. There are differant styles to choose from such as flush fit, surface mounted and some other stand alone models. Doorbird will also engrave your name or house number etc on the front of the unit.

The exterior of a modern looking brick houseSmart doorbell with lights on

Quantum Electrical start prices from £495.00 including installation. If you'd like a survey or more info on any of our services, from emergency work and certification around London, call 0208 819 3188.  

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