There's more than price to consider!

What Is Value For Money ?

There's More Than Price To Consider!

01 June 2016

Every profit making business in the world is at a raw commercial level essentially the same by offering customers a service based on materials, labor, overhead and whats left. Profit. Without the last every company will soon be history. What makes Quantum Electrical stand out as opposed to being just another "me too" company? One difference between us and another electrical business who claim to offer similar services, is how we deliver value. It doesn't take much effort, or indeed make much sense, to offer electrical services at bargin basement prices. Especially with the liability isues at stake with electrical contracting. A good company will provide value to their customers. It takes a savy businessman to determine if a customer is interested in price or value. I try to determine, as best I can, if the customer is looking for the lowest price. I then will let the customer know that Quantum Electrical Services is "value" minded and they should look elsewhere for a cheap price. I've often discussed with customers that there are (3) loosers when cheap price is the main focus. (1) The contractor who accepted the job at the low price because they haven't allowed for sufficient expenses to deliver the job from start to completion thus causing them to experience a financial loss (2) The customer, because once the contractor who accepted the job at too low a price realizes they are loosing money will often begin to take short cuts/use rubbish materials and parts and many times provide the customer with a substandard job and (3) the contractor who provided a good value based quote that wasn't able to perform the work for the customer and make a fair profit...and provide a good & safe installation for the customer. This last point can sadly lead to the demise of decent companies who are under cut by shoddy firms. This makes being the cheapest outfit in town a fools strategy for business owners and a game of chance for clients. Bottom line....One may look at what is charged for completing a task and may feel as if the contractor has too high a fee, but one must also look at what fee structure is fair and reasonable based on the value offered to them as the client. For example, what risk is there to the client and how is this minimised? Quantum Electrical provides a 24 month labor AND parts warranty. This is backed up by 24hr lines. This quickly differentiates us from cowboy firms who "chuck" together their work then disappear once taking the money leaving the poor client with a poorly finished and possibly unsafe job. How much additional expense does the client in this case then have to go to just to put things right? What about extras? A common trick with low price outfits is to lull the client in with a low quote. Once the work begins and the client is committed they start applying extra charges stating that the quote they gave didn't include such and such. A good company such as Quantum Electrical will provide a written quote and specification of works which details what you get for your money. Theres no hidden costs, nothing to creep up on you. Just a finished job. If your considering an electrical project give us a call. All our estimates are free and we can draw on our extensive experience in the trade to offer effective solutions to your properties electrics.      

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