What A Month!

Water Damage & Electrical Circuits

What A Month!

04 June 2018

Lightning strike over a skyline

⛈ What A Week We Just Had!

In fact, what a month May has been. The bank holiday weekends saw temperatures hit record smashing levels which just never happens. In fact the Met Office has said its been the hottest May since records begun over a century ago. Fantastic. Let it continue all summer I say. However the hot weather brought with it storms of biblical magnitude. London was drenched and severe flash floods and lightning bolts wreaked havoc well into the week.

It wasn't just the Met Office who saw broken records though.
Quantum Electrical saw its own records broken with us taking 17 calls to "no electric" and dangerous flooded electrical circuits on Tuesday 29th alone. Our team of electricians worked tirelessly around London well into the night helping our customers restore their electrical power and making safe the homes and business that had been unfortunate enough to be flooded. Well done guys. You delivered.
Now you don't need me to tell you that water and electricity are each other's arch enemy. But allow me to elaborate, if you will, with this simple logic..
☹ Water In Electrics = Damaged Joints & Connections
☹ Damaged Joints & Connections = Electrical Arcing
☹ Electrical Arcing = Heat
☹ Heat = Fire
According to electricalsafetyfirst.org the number of electrical fires in the UK in the year 15/16 was a staggering 15,432. In fact, 54.4% of all fires in England alone that year were due to electricity. This breaks down to an average of 4 fires every single day of the year which resulted in a tragic 1380 fatalities and injuries as a direct result.
Not good. Not good at all. May saw us a attend a large number of calls whereby water had found its way into the electrics. If you have any reason whatsoever to think your electrics were exposed to water over the last week or month please do get your electrics checked by a qualified electrician. Your system may be working and appear fine but no outward signs of damaged connections will necessarily be obvious.
We can check the condition of cables and joints within walls and floors using a special test meter designed specifically for the job. Some checks of the system will confirm if it's at risk or all is ok for use. In general domestic homes and small businesses should be checked every 5 - 10 years according to regulations to confirm all is well and healthy regards the electrics.
Give us a call. Quantum Electrical can have a highly experienced engineer with you the same day. Sometimes even within 2 hours! The visit may only take an hour and makes no mess. It's a small cost for peace of mind and I can't recommend it enough. You can reach us by filling out a quick form. Or you can speak to a friendly expert at Quantum Electrical on 0208 819 3188 for advice if you think you may have been affected.
Roll on June but please keep the storms back in May!
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