Lutron Lighting

Lutron-Certified Electrical Engineers For Installations, Repairs, and Programming!

Do you require a Lutron control system installation, service, or programming? Our experienced and Lutron-certified Quantum Electrical Engineers are all NICEIC Approved and ready to help. All of our Lutron control fittings and system maintenance work comes with a 12-month guarantee, giving you peace of mind    

We provide full design through to installation and programming

  • Scene setting to create ambiance for special occasions
  • All-Off button for total convenience installed next to your main front and back doors
  • Mock occupancy arrangement to compliment your security set up whilst you are away
  • Automated control of blinds/shades to optimise natural daylight and synchronise with electric light
  • Intelligent occupancy sensors to ensure the most energy-efficient and practical use of powered lighting
  • Intuitive switches and controls - no more grasping at light switches!
  • Our Lutron Quantum Electrical engineers can support any issues you may be experiencing

Unresponsive lights, panel flashing, and flickering lights

  • Broken keypads and buttons
  • Poor dimming performance
  • Problems with LED light fittings
  • Lutron scene changes
  • Faulty Lutron configuration file
  • Rako Control Systems

Our engineers can install and service a broad range of Rako Controls.  If you have an existing or are looking to install a new system then we can help.  Rako offers a comprehensive product range controlling lights, blinds, and other third-party equipment. 

Existing System Upgrades
Have you recently moved into a home with an existing Lutron or Rako system in it?  Or perhaps you’ve lived with an older generation system for some years and now like the idea of moving on? We can advise on upgrade solutions for your Lutron or Rako system. Once booked, a Lutron-certified Quantum electrical engineer will visit your property to review your current system and advise on your best options.

System Surveys
Often, the existing wiring architecture (this means the cables that feed the switches and devices) can be re-used providing they meet certain specifications.  Once booked in we can provide a bespoke appraisal of your existing system or, a part of it. We will check ALL the system's wiring, from the racks to the devices, and craft a complete plan of the topography of the system.  This detailed survey enables us to determine the suitability of the existing wiring to suit a given upgrade sometimes without even disrupting the building fabric.

WiFi Networks
We can ensure you have secure, fast, and uninterrupted internet coverage in your home and office.  

Intelligent Heating Controls
Say goodbye to complicated time clocks.  Smart heating controls will heat your home intelligently.  No more needless energy wasted heating up rooms that are not in use.  Intelligent heating systems will adapt to your way of living and can seamlessly integrate with other systems in your home. 

With Quantum you can rest assured that support is never far away.  All of our new system installations come with a 12-month support package.  We also offer a range of support services which we can tailor to your exact needs.  

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